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OMS Implementation


Siena Tech's core has always been implementation of OMS systems. We have had a long history of working with and implementing ABB's Network Manager DMS (NMDMS or CADOPS).


Our process involves a complete "black box" approach to OMS. We will provide all of the required hardware, software, configuration, integration, configuration and training. This allows the client to just start utilizing the OMS system in a full production mode. We provide Disaster Recover, Administration, and ongoing 24x7x365 Support for the project. Typical Steps in an OMS implementation are as follows:

  • Base System
    • System requirements discussion
    • System Hardware evaluation, specification and purchasing
    • Hardware installation and configuration
    • Base Operating System implementation
    • Base Oracle database purchasing, installation, and configuration
    • Testing and verification of system performance
  • System Integration
    • Implement the optimal Integration methodology for each system involved
      • CIS
      • GIS
      • SCADA
      • AMR
      • AVL
      • IVR
    • Provide a testing process to validate each interface, and continue validation on an ongoing basis
    • Configure all required components of OMS sytem to provide with a personalized experience for the client.
  • Training
    • We provide hands on training in small classes
    • We will train anyone that needs access to the system
      • Dispatchers
      • Customer Service Representatives
      • Management 
  • Support
    • Siena Tech provides front line support for ABB's NMDMS OMS system
    • 24x7x365 with multiple people available (not rotating support employees)

Integration of core products

Integration of core systems within a utility often time involves products from many different vendors. Siena Tech firmly believes in the elimination of "Islands of Automation". It is because of the implementation of this vision of integration that organizations see improved organization efficiency and improved customer server. There are many integration points that are within the utility business. A few of these are:

  • Integration between CIS and GIS.
  • Integration between GIS and OMS.
  • Integration between CIS and OMS.
  • Integration between OMS and Mobile Data.
  • Integration between IVR and OMS and CIS.
  • Integration between OMS and SCADA
  • Integration between OMS and AMR
....this list can get quite extensive and complex. The professionals at Siena Tech have all worked in and around the electric utility market for a combined 30+ years. During this time, we have seen many different combinations of software solutions integrated effectively.

  • Customer Information system (CIS)
Being able to see active outage status', outage history, planned outages, estimated restoration times, capture outage calls, generate historical and planned outage letters....these are just a few types of integration projects Siena Tech has been involved in successfully implementing. This list is by no means the limits. Siena Tech has worked successfully with several CIS vendors to achieve this kind of integration. Imagination can take this type of functionality a number of directions. Siena Tech has the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your integration goals.


  • Geographical Information System (GIS)
The GIS system is the heart of network data storage within the utility. We firmly believe that only one system should store and serve all mapping, facilities and network related information. Every other system that requires network data should receive that information from the central GIS system. Siena Tech has extensive experience integration multiple types of GIS systems to optimize data flow and performance of GIS interfaces.


  • Trouble Entry Interface
Depending on specific implementations of an Outage Management System (OMS), it may be necessary to deploy an application for taking trouble calls to place directly into the OMS. Siena has developed a simple to use application that allows easy trouble call entry and easy to read outage status information. Siena's trouble entry interface eliminates the need to constantly check in with the operations center to get outage status information. When a CSR takes a call, the inclusion in any actively outage is immediately obvious. Information like estimated restoration time and outage notes are easily visible and accessable. Siena's trouble entry application is totally platform independent. Whether you have Microsoft Windows, UNIX, or Linux, this application will provide the user with same simple and straight forward method for taking outage calls.


In order to leverage your existing SCADA information, your utility must be able to use that SCADA information across the enterprise for any number of applications. Siena Tech has integrated a number of SCADA systems to extract valuable device status and analog values for integration into OMS systems.


  • Telephony (IVR)
Todays IVR's have become an integral part in helping to provide greater customer service. IVR's often have the responsibility of taking outage calls for the Outage Management System. Siena Tech has worked with many of the IVR industry leaders to help integrate the telephony world with the OMS world. Siena Tech has also developed our own IVR system to fill in the gaps where most other IVR system falter. Weather integration our own IVR on any number of other vendors IVR systems, we have followed a strict policy of obtaining the most from the IVR to OMS integration. This type of integration allows a call to immediately show up in the OMS as soon as the caller is identified by the IVR. This allows for a greater call volumes in a shorter amounts of time when compared to CSR's manually taking those same calls. Siena Tech has also helped implement sophisticated callback functionality once outages are completed. Depending on callback functionality, the can help identify and address any "end-of-line" type stranded outages, reducing the possibility of multiple customer callbacks for the same problem.


  • Automatic Vehicle Location (GPS)
Knowing where the utilities key resources are at any given time is becoming increasingly more important to utilities. If your utility has an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system in place, Siena Tech can provide key integration services to allow that information to interact with key software systems such as an Outage Management System (OMS). The type of integration that is possible is to have a graphical OMS and AVL co-exist on the same landbase, allowing operations and dispatch resources to be able to quickly identify and locate the best resource to assign to the next task or outage. AVL systems have also provided excellent data gathering for efficient route analysis for different resource groups within the organization. Siena Tech has solutions for graphically seeing current and historical routes and comingling items such as outstanding service orders in order to help further define the most efficient use of resources.

  • Mobile data applications

Want to be able to have real time access to data in your rolling fleet? Siena Tech has successfully implemented mobile data software applications that fully leverage your investment in your mobile data initiatives. Completing service orders in the field, using an automated method of work assignment are just of couple of applications that can help to leverage efficiencies in the workforce. Mobile data implemented in a smart and efficient manner can help provide greater customer service.

Project Management

Today's complex environments require a firm grip of technology, people, budgets, and time lines to ensure successful implementations. Project Management is a key ingredient to the success of these projects. The nature of integration projects requires skills that cross disciplines, both technically and functionally. Siena Tech takes an active role from project inception to delivery to satisfy the following items:

  • Implementation time line development:
Every project has unique characteristics and integration points. We pay very close to these relationships when formulating time lines as to keep projects on time and on budget.

  • Management of all project components
Whether it's technology, process re-engineering, or software development, Siena takes and active roll in alleviating the complexities of management of all these items and staying focused on defineable deliverables.


  • Support of outside vendors (GIS, CIS, etc)
We understand that integration very rarely includes a single vendor. Siena has working experience with all of the major software vendors in the Electic Utility market today. Coordination with outside vendors at all key points in the project can all be managed effectively.

  • IT Strategic planning

Differing technologies from each vendor creates new combinations of business solutions for each client. Keeping up with emerging technologies also adds to the challenge. Siena Tech can help make sense of all the different components to help you come up with a "Best Practices" solution, not only to solve your current business problems, but also aid in the planning of your future technology direction.

Data Validation

Having truly "clean" data is an on-going challenge in any organization. Siena Tech has accumulated various techniques for validating all critical data that is being used by an OMS (Outage Management System) or Engineering Analysis software package. This ensures that the applications are running at their peak level. Outage predictions are more accurate, customers affected are more accurate, reporting and indices are more accurate, engineering studies are more accurate. Data validation also goes beyond just checking the data in the various system. Data validation extends into the organization by way of organizational processes. Siena Tech believes that it's the entire organizations responsibility to capture and maintain "clean" data. We can help recommend process flow changes to ensure data is entering various systems in an efficient and accurate manner.


Often times, a utility may perceive its GIS network connectivity to be "clean". Any integrity problems in the actively maintained GIS system typically show up when implementing an OMS(Outage Management System). Things like phase problems between devices to line, phase problems between customers to transformers, breaks in line connectivity, network loops, etc...are all common issues to address in the GIS network. Siena Tech has proven data analysis tools to help identify such problems. We also take an active roll in helping formulate a long term solution not only for fixing the GIS network but helping to identify any business process changes that would maintain the integrity long term.Details


Todays critical solutions require access to skilled personnel 24x7x365. Whether its an application issue, IT issue, hardware maintenance issue, or database issue, Siena Tech from day one has always provided around the clock support for a variety of areas to support the critical nature of your operations.

  • 24x7x365 dispatcher and IT support
Customer service to your customers doesn't quit at the end of the work day. On-going after hours operations still require all the software/hardware architectures to function at full availability. If users have software related issues, how-to questions, or general IT support to assist in getting the dispatch function executed, Siena Tech provides 24x7x365 support.


  • Server maintenance
Security and stability are key components in any IT infrastructure. Siena Tech can make sure all critical servers are actively maintained. Servers that are not actively maintained are susceptible to security risks and long term vendor support issues. Siena can help keep pace with the many changes that could affect a server environment. Applying software upgrades, security patches are just a couple of things that will help maintain the long term stability of you critical infrastructure.

  • Oracle database administration (DBA)
Siena Tech has a combined 25+ year experience in Oracle Database Administration. We have the skills to administer any Oracle Database from A to Z. Whether its installation and setup, data loading, daily maintenance, periodic software upgrades, redundancy architecture planning/implementation, or any other DBA related task, Siena Tech has the skills and expertise to fill this role.


  • Liaison between vendors and utility

Often times with an integrated environment, issues may arise that blur the line of what vendor should supply the support for a particular issue. Siena Tech has excellent relationships with key vendors in the utility software marketplace and can actively work with these vendors eliminating the utilities need to decide who to call. We will stay with the issue until completely resolved and eliminate any confusion about who should address any issue.

Installation and Hardware

Deciding what hardware to choose goes beyond just looking for a low cost hardware provider. Many different applications, through integration, now share the same hardware and operating environments. There are now many more options available on the market. The days of proprietary systems have almost come to a close. Servers are now less expensive, SAN and NAS storage environments are very commonplace and affordable, redundancy and disaster recovery have taken center stage. Siena Tech has a broad range of experience when it comes to hardware selection and will consider and recommend a solid and forward thinking solution based on the right fit for your specific needs.

Once the right hardware architecture is chosen, successful implementation includes the successful roll out of that platform. Setting up things like RAID configurations, SAN configurations, network configuration, operating system choice, operating system installation and configuration, are all very important steps to the overall success of an integrated software environment. Siena Tech builds these environments with proven methodologies with ease of maintenance and solid security as our top priorities. Siena Tech will also work closely with any other vendors to ensure any and all layered software installs successfully into the environment.We can aid or augment any vendor with software installation assistance, whether part of an overall integration plan or just a stand alone application.


Knowing when a software or hardware related problem happens is a critical component in maintaining today's complex environments. Siena Tech believes in proactive monitoring as opposed to reactive monitoring. Siena Tech will work with you to identify and pro actively monitor all processes that you, the utility, and our experience has identified as critical. Whether it's key outage management processes, disk space utilization, network bandwidth, key database processes, etc. Siena Tech will monitor and be available 24x7x365 to help identify and correct any item that is critical to the IT infrastructure and well being of core business applications.

Disaster Recovery Implementation

Siena Tech has extensive experience in architecting IT infrastructures to greatly minimize the affects of any one issue. With todays hardware costs and automation tools, you can build an architecture that not only provides high availability for your core applications, but also provides you with a solid disaster recovery plan. In electric utilities today, data is one of your most important assets. Siena Tech is sensitive to this fact. We can provide design, implementation and maintenance of these environments to achieve any disaster recovery goals and data protection goals the utility wishes to have. With core business systems, we never want to have a single point of failure. This philosophy encompasses hardware, core operating system software, and application software. This is the essence of how Siena Tech thinks about how to design mission critical environments.